Why My Orbi Not Connecting to Mobile Phone?

Internet devices easily can connect to router by using its SSID details (network name and password). Orbi mesh system is also a WiFi device, which has one router and two satellites. Orbi network is the fastest and reliable network connection because of its two in one qualities (works as router as well as extender). But…

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Steps to Factory Reset Rockspace WiFi Extender

Is your Rockspace WiFi extender acting weird? Gone through the Rockspace WiFi extender manual for the fixes to troubleshoot the issue – but nothing worked? Yes? Then the only solution you are left with is to reset Rockspace WiFi extender back to the default factory settings. What’s in this Post? Why to Reset Rockspace WiFi…

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Netgear Nighthawk router

How to Make the Nighthawk Router Working Again?

I have performed the router setup process using routerlogin.net web address and Netgear Nighthawk login details (manually). It was installed properly, but suddenly, it has stopped working. So, I performed the reset process to make it working. But, I guess, the reset process hasn’t bring luck. After resetting the router, I am unable to set…

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