How to Connect Arlo Camera Directly to Router and Laptop?

Most of the users think that Arlo can’t connect to the home WiFi router without its smart base station. But, it is false statement; you can easily connect the Arlo camera directly to the router without using the Arlo base station.

There are simple steps that are easy to apply to complete the setup. At first, you will learn how to connect it through your computer or laptop, and then you will go through instructions to connect the router to the Arlo with Phone.

At last of the article, you will see some troubleshooting tips, so that you can dispel problem if you face any and make the setup error free. Let’s start this informative Arlo essential spotlight camera setup based article without wasting any time.

Connect Arlo to Router via Laptop

Place the Arlo camera to your desired location in your house and turn it one by pressing its power button. Then, follow some of the instructions to connect router to Arlo through laptop or computer.

  1. Step one is connecting the laptop or computer to the router which you want to link with the Arlo.
  2. Then, enter to the web browser and search the login URL in it.
  3. The Arlo setup page will open up, where you have to enter the login credentials like username and password.
  4. If you don’t have any credentials, then just click on the New To Arlo and create Arlo account by typing in name, Email, and generating password.
  5. Access the Arlo interface and click on the Add New Device. Then, you have to select the Connect Without SmartHub option.
  6. To link the router, just click on Continue button, choose the network which is connected to the computer or laptop.

Now, router is connected to the Arlo and you can easily watch the live streaming, but it won’t record or store. So, these were the steps that to connect arlo to router with the help of login interface.

Now, let’s see how you can complete the same task by using your mobile phone via Arlo app.

Link Router to Arlo Using Phone

To start the process to connect the router to the Arlo to router via phone, you have to connect the phone with WiFi by using its SSID username and password. Then, apply some easy steps to download the Arlo app.

  1. Enter to the Play Store of your phone and search the Arlo app in it.
  2. Download it by tapping the download icon. After installing the app, open it.
  3. Enter the login credentials in the app, then access the interface.
  4. Select the Connect without SmartHub option and click on the router network name.

Now, have a look at troubleshooting tips written below in extra section that helps you to make take error free.  

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Don’t use outdated version of the web browser to access the interface if you are using computer or laptop.
  • Choose an appropriate location in your house first before starting the router to the Arlo connection process.
  • If you have base station, just use to connect the camera to the router, because without it you can only see live streaming, but there will be no record of that stream video.

End Words

Here you have learned how to connect the Arlo camera to the router with the help of computer, laptop, and phone. We have also added an extra section that contains troubleshooting tips that help you to dispel any technical problem.