Can’t do Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Login via

Are you having issues doing WiFi repeater login using IP? If yes, go through this article once. Here, you will get the topmost solution following with the WiFi repeater login process will be a walk in the park for you. Let’s get started!

[Fixed] Unable to do WiFi Repeater Login via IP

Apply these fixes and know how to do WiFi repeater login using IP in a flash:

Connect Your Client Device to Repeater

To log in to your WiFi repeater using the IP – your client device must be connected to the repeater. For this – you can put your hands on the working Ethernet cable – and then insert its one end in your client device and other end in your WiFi repeater.

Connect the Devices Wirelessly

But, if you don’t have a cable handy – use a wireless source for connecting them. To connect the devices in a wireless manner – click on the WiFi icon – look for the WiFi repeater’s SSID from the displayed list – once you find it – connect your client device with it using the WiFi password – and try to do WiFi repeater login again using the IP.

Here “client device” means your computer or laptop.

Follow Correct WiFi Repeater Login Steps

To log in to your WiFi repeater in a hassle-free manner – you need to follow the instructions correctly. What happened? Don’t know how to perform the WiFi repeater login process? No worries! We are here to help! Execute the given below instructions and find yourself in to the login window of your Wireless-N WiFi repeater. Keep scrolling down!

  • Plug in your WiFi repeater – turn it on – and wait for the power LED on it become stable green.
  • Connect your computer/ laptop to the repeater. Also, there is a requirement of connecting your repeater and your host router.
  • Open a web browser of your choice.

Update the web browser version before logging in to your WiFi repeater. Apart from this – clear browsing history – close/ unpin other tabs – restart the device (computer/ laptop) – reload the web browser, and proceed towards other step.

  • Hover the mouse cursor over the web browser address bar and type

Do cross-check the repeater’s default IP before entering it in to the browser’s address bar. Moreover, you can use the copy-paste technique as well. Doing you ensure that the repeater’s IP is entered correctly.

  • Press the Enter key and you will put on your WiFi repeater login window shortly. Now, what you have to do – provide the default login credentials of your repeater in the required fields – and click login.

That’s it! In this simple manner – you can do WiFi repeater login using Now that you are successfully logged in – access Wireless-N WiFi repeater setup page – and follow the instructions on-screen to configure the device (if not configured) like a pro.

No Luck?

If you are still having issues even after applying the aforementioned hacks – then you can try calling your ISP. Why? Because of slow internet – you are unable to do WiFi repeater login using IP. So, call your ISP now and ask him to fix the internet-related things for you as soon as possible. And, once you started receiving good internet range and speed – you will have no issues logging in to your WiFi repeater.


We hope that the fixes we have provided above will help you do WiFi repeater login with ease. If yes – allow us to wrap up our article. Just in case- you encounter with the same issue again – to save you from wasting your precious time on Google– we suggest your save/ bookmark this page. So, whenever you need assistance – you have these hacks handy.