Why My Orbi Not Connecting to Mobile Phone?

Internet devices easily can connect to router by using its SSID details (network name and password). Orbi mesh system is also a WiFi device, which has one router and two satellites. Orbi network is the fastest and reliable network connection because of its two in one qualities (works as router as well as extender).

But there are issues that can be occur, if it is not installed properly, or by other reasons. One of the problems that users are complaining about is Orbi router or Orbi satellite not connecting to the mobile phone.

Here, we will get you through possible reasons of the problem and solutions to fix it.  So let’s start it with reasons why Orbi is disconnecting to your phone.

Orbi Not Connecting to Phone: Reasons

There are not many reasons of connecting issue, but there are minor ones. Down here you will get to know why your Orbi is not connecting to phone in a list.

  1. Network interruptions are one of the biggest reasons why your mobile phone is not connecting to Orbi network.
  2. Other causing factor of this disconnection issue is using the incorrect SSID details like username and password.
  3. If Orbi is not receiving WiFi signals from the modem, then you can face troubles like satellites are not connecting to your phone.
  4. Trying to connect your phone to the Orbi network from far away can be a reason why your Orbi network is not connecting to the phone.

Now, you must know about how to fix this connection problem with the help of some troubleshooting tips and solutions.

Orbi Not Connecting to Phone: Solutions

Here, you will find five major tips and solutions, which will solve the Orbi is not connecting to your phone.

1.Shift Orbi to Optimal Location

Networking interruptions are mostly caused by electronic devices. So, if you see any electronic device near to the Orbi mesh network system, then you must shift your Orbi devices to other optimal location in your location.

2.Use Correct SSID Details

You can connect the Orbi network to your phone with the help of the entering its SSID username and password. But you must make sure that the details are correct or not.

3.Correct Router to Modem Link

Orbi router receives WiFi signals from the modem via Ethernet cable. So, you should make sure that the Ethernet cable is connected to the correct ports and it is in good condition.

 The pattern to connect the cable is WAN port of the Orbi router and LAN port of the modem. If the cable is damaged or cut from anywhere, then replace it with a new one.

4.Come Closer to Orbi Device

Orbi mesh system covers very large area in your house, but it is limited. So, come closer to the Orbi satellite or router and then try to connect your phone with the router using SSID details.

5.Reboot Orbi Satellites and Router

At last, if no tip or solution work to fix the problem, then you have to reboot the Orbi devices one by one. Follow some of the steps to restart the Orbi devices.

  • To reboot your Orbi router, you just have to find and press power button on router twice.
  • You can restart the Orbi satellites by hitting its On/Off button twice.

Also, make sure your Orbi device is fully configured, if not then manage it settings by using the orbilogin interface dashboard.

Last Note

Here, you have read about how to troubleshoot the Orbi not connecting to your phone problem. You have gone through the possible reasons of the issue and how to solve it with the help of some simple tips and solutions, which are written above in this article.

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