Why My Rockspace Router not Connecting to Linksys Extender?

Linksys Extender

“I have a Rockspace router. No doubt it is working well and not giving me any issue to experience. But, I bought Linksys extender today. Not just because I am fed up of my Rockspace router – but I am an internet lover and want to access internet everywhere in my home. And, the router is alone not enough! This is the only reason I switch to Linksys extender. Now, I want to perform Linksys WiFi extender setup but couldn’t – because it is not connecting to my Rockspace router. Can you please help?”

Of course – we will help you! And, first of all – we congratulate you on purchasing Linksys WiFi extender. With the help of the extender – you will surely have access to internet everywhere in your home.

Now – coming back to the query you have raised – look Rockspace router not connecting to Linksys extender is a common issue. Yes, every user who owns these two devices experience the connectivity issues between them. But – you are not among them because you are here on this page. Here, we have provided some of the useful hacks – following which – you can make your Rockspace router and Linksys extender connected in no time. Given this, continue reading!

Rockspace Router not connecting to Linksys Extender [Fixed]

Apply these fixes and your Rockspace router and Linksys extender will get connected shortly.

Plug in Your Devices Closer

First, you have to plug in your Linksys extender closer to your router. Once you are done – ensure that – both the devices are receiving a steady/ fluctuation-free power supply.

Don’t worry – if you can’t plug in the devices closer just because you don’t have two power plugs closer. Either you can install a new power socket – or choose a location in your home where you can plug both Rockspace and the Linksys device closer.

After plugging in your Rockspace router and Linksys extender – wait for the power LED on them start blinking green. And, as soon as the LED gets stable, apply the next hack.

Take an Ethernet Cable Now

Ok, well – now what you have to do – take an Ethernet cable – and use it for connecting the devices. For this – insert one end of the cable in your Rockspace router and other end in your Linksys extender.

What happened? Rockspace router and Linksys extender are plugged in closer – but not too close that you can use a wired source for connecting them? Yes? Well, in that case – use a wireless source. Just press the WPS button on your Linksys extender and then – press the WPS button on your Rockspace router.

Still Having Issues Connecting Them?

If you are still having issues connecting your Rockspace router and Linksys extender – then restart them once. The reason being – because of technical glitches – your devices are having issues while connecting.

So, consider these steps and know how to restart your Rockspace router and Linksys extender.

  • Unplug your Rockspace router and Linksys extender both. Then, you need to disconnect them (in case of wired source). And, note this down as well– if you have connected the Linksys and the Rockspace device wirelessly – they will disconnect automatically.
  • Wait for 20-25 minutes after unplugging them – and then you can plug them back in again. Once you are done with plugging the devices back in again – reconnect them. For instructions – refer to the section highlighted above.

So, are your Rockspace router and Linksys extender connected? To verify the same – we suggest you – access extender.linksys.com or IP- by opening a web browser on a computer or laptop. Extender.linksys.com is the default web address of your Linksys device that is used to log in to it. And, apart from this – before accessing the web address – make sure that your computer or laptop is connected to your Linksys extender.

If the Linksys extender’s default web address is working for you – without delay – log in to it – perform Linksys WiFi extender setup process – and modify the changes to the settings of your Linksys extender and per the settings of your Rockspace router.


In this way – you can connect your Linksys extender and Rockspace router without hindrance. We hope that this article was helpful?

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