What to Do When You Can’t Set Up Setek Extender?

Has the Setek extender setup failed and you have no idea what is to be done next? Well, you’ve reached the right post wherein we’ve covered the topmost fixes to help you carry out your extender setup. The obstacle in the Setek WiFi extender set up process will leave after you apply the solutions discussed in this post. So, without wasting any more minute, let us help you set up the extender with ease.

Let’s Eliminate Setek Extender Setup Problem!

The primary reason that can prevent you from installing the WiFi extender is its wrong placement. Thus, before you try anything else to fix the problem, it is suggested to move the extender somewhere closer to the root router. Also, be certain that there are no devices around that can interfere with the WiFi signals. Transmitting devices, home appliances and electronic devices are examples of such devices.

If you’re still not able to complete the installation, then give a shot at the remedies discussed next:

Use a LAN Cable

Wired connections are always better as the chances of signal disconnections are reduced using them. Therefore, we suggest you to put to use a LAN cable to join the Setek extender to the host router now. But if you’ve already used a LAN cable and still failed to set up your extender then there is a high possibility that you’ve used a cable that is damaged or may be the cable is loose. An additional possibility is that the ports in use are not in good condition. Rule out all these possibilities by making the necessary changes and then see if you can carry out the Setek extender setup or not. You can use the Setek SE-01 manual pdf to know the correct steps for the setup.

Supply Adequate Power

When you’re stuck with the extender setup process, it is probably because of poor power supply to both of one of the devices. We now want you to check the same. Inspect the power adapters into which the router and extender are plugged. Use alternated sockets to supply power to these devices. Plus, do make certain that you’re using the power adapter that you received in the package with the extender. Using a different adapter may result in issues like the one that you are experiencing right now. Additionally, if there are fluctuations in the electricity supply, then you’re suggested to use a UPS.

Join the Right Network

Are you using the web interface to complete the Setek extender setup? Well, you should know that you can reach the web interface of Setek extender only on a device that’s on the local network. We recommend you joining the extender’s network using a LAN cable. Although a WiFi network will also help you reach the setup page, a LAN connection is always better and should be preferred.

Perform a Power Cycle

Unplug the Setek wireless extender and the router for some time if the setup does not happen even now. Power off the devices and remove their power adapters from their respective sockets. Let them be in this state for some time. After that, plug in the devices and try to set up the extender.

In the End

We’re expecting that by now you have removed the obstacle that was stopping you from setting up your extender. In case you are not able to complete the extender then reset it once. Press and hold the Reset button for some time. This removes any customized settings from the extender. Setting it up should no longer be a troublesome task for you now.

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