Netgear Extender Reset Done! What’s Next?

Netgear Extender Reset

There are times when your networking device needs a fresh beginning. For instance, you have purchased a new router and want to replace the old one. Or if your extender is behaving badly and you are getting no internet. Both these instances can be concluded by giving your device a new start. If your Netgear extender needs a new start as well, then you can do this by factory resetting it. After the reset is done, you need to set it up. You can use the WPS button to get the job done with ease.

But is the Netgear WPS button not working? Well, you have other options that you can try to execute the extender setup. We have them listed in the upcoming sections. Read and use the instructions.

Setting Up Netgear WiFi Extender After Reset

Let us tell you that apart from using the WPS button, you can use the web interface or the mobile app to configure your extender. But before telling you about the steps for both these methods, we want you to ensure that the extender is correctly reset and has the factory settings restored on it.

We insist this because the extender needs to have the default settings on it if you are going to set it up. Once done, you can use any of the two ways listed below to carry out its configuration.

How to Install Netgear Extender Via Web Interface?

  1. The very first thing needed it a stable internet connection. Ensure that the internet is all set to help you with the setup process. Check internet speed before beginning.
  2. The second thing that you need to confirm is that the power connection to the Netgear extender and the root router. None of these two should receive an inconsistent power in order to avoid any trouble while setting up the extender.
  3. Now, with the help of a LAN cable, link the two devices. The connection has to be secure and sturdy. Making loose connection and using a damaged cable is going to put you in trouble. Ensure avoiding that.
  4. It is now time you begin supplying power to the devices. The first device to be powered on is the router. Next the extender. Following the same sequence is suggested.
  5. You will require a computer to get through the further process. Thus, turn on your computer or laptop. It should be connected to a stable network.
  6. Use a web browser and get to the setup page with the help of the URL or IP.
  7. The setup instructions will further take you through the configuration process.

This way you can use the web interface via the URL to set up your Netgear extender that was reset by you. Bear in mind, the steps remain same even if you are setting up your extender for the first time.

Setting Up WiFi Extender Using App

There’s this app by Netgear that can be used to complete the setup. The same app, known as Netgear Nighthawk app, can be used to manage the extender. If you wish to change its settings like updating the firmware etc., you can use the app. In this section, we have highlighted the setup steps:

  1. You can begin by installing the Netgear app on your phone.
  2. Meanwhile, complete the physical setup by connecting the devices using a LAN cable as discussed in the previous method. Power them on in the same sequence.
  3. Run the app and execute what the instructions on the app say.

Let’s Conclude This!

This guide has helped you complete the Netgear extender setup process after you’ve reset it to the default factory settings. Expecting the same, here we conclude this piece of write up.

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