How to Make the Nighthawk Router Working Again?

Netgear Nighthawk router

I have performed the router setup process using web address and Netgear Nighthawk login details (manually). It was installed properly, but suddenly, it has stopped working. So, I performed the reset process to make it working. But, I guess, the reset process hasn’t bring luck. After resetting the router, I am unable to set it up and make the most out of it. What went wrong? How can I make the router working again.? – A Netgear Nighthawk router user!

Is your router also not working? If you nod in yes, then this how-to guide will prove a big help to you. All you have to do – try the fixes highlighted below and know how to make the router working again in a flash. Let’s get started!

Tips to Make the Router Working Again

Here are some of the best fixes that will help you make the router working again. Not only this, but applying these fixes, your router’s performance will be improved up to 30 percent. Read on!

Restart Your Nighthawk Router

Try making your WiFi router working again by power cycling or restarting it once. Why? Because of technical glitches, your router may not work well. No worries! Give the router a fresh start and see if works for you or not.

The instructions to restart the router are highlighted below:

Turn off your WiFi router.

Do I have to unplug it? Yes, you have to disconnect or unplug it from its respective power source.

Now, wait for a short while approx 10-15 minutes.

Plug in the router back again.

Here’s to hope that your router has started working after power cycling. If not, try the next hack.

Connect it With Your Modem

To make the router up and running, you have to connect it with your internet modem using a wired source. “Wired source”? What is that supposed to mean? Wired source means to connect your devices using an Ethernet cable. But, the cable you want to use must be well-working.

How to connect them? Take one end of the cable! Insert it into one of the Ethernet ports of your router. Once you are done with it, insert other end of the cable into your internet modem.

In this way, your devices can be connected via Ethernet source.

Configure Nighthawk Router Again

Though you have set up the router properly, but as you have said, you have reset it because it was not working, right? But, the thing is, you have reset it. So, it is important to set up the router from scratch. So, to reconfigure it, log in to your router using and router login admin credentials. Once you are successfully logged in, follow the on-screen instructions to set up the router again manually.

If you don’t want to perform the Netgear Nighthawk router setup process using the manual method, straightaway opt for the WPS method. For this, press the WPS button on your router and then press the WPS button on your internet modem. Until you are done with this step, your router will be set up using the WPS method.

Check Your Internet Connection

On the off chance, you are still facing the same issue, you must have a quick nudge at your internet connection. Yes, that’s true! Because of your slow or poor internet connection, your router may not work well. To confirm the same, you must contact your ISP and ensure that there isn’t any issue from his side. In the event, you find your internet service provider the culprit, kindly ask him to get the things fixed for you as soon as possible.

Update Router Firmware

If your router is still not working, then try updating its firmware. Sometimes, your router performance might get degraded due to outdated firmware. Hence, visit the firmware update page of your Netgear router using Nighthawk login admin name and password, follow the on-screen instructions, and get the firmware of the device gets updated in minutes.

After updating the firmware of your router, it will start working again. However, to make it up and running, you have to keep its (the router’s) firmware up-to-date always.

The Last Words

Our article on how to make the Netgear Nighthawk router working again ends here. We really hope that the fixes we have listed above will help you make your router working like never before.

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