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Why is There a Red Light on My Netgear WiFi Extender


Users who have performed Netgear WiFi extender setup in their houses are well aware of the LED lights present on the extender unit. But, what they don’t know is about the various colors flashed by the range extender’s LED. When the extender flashes the color solid green or white, it means that everything is in shape. But, when the extender starts showing red color, it means something is wrong and you need to pay some attention. FYI, a Netgear range extender flashes red on countless occasions which required a different approach to be resolved. In case your mind is also disturbed with similar questions, then stop worrying “Why is there a red light on my Netgear WiFi extender” and get down to the reading this instant.

Reasons Behind Red Light on Netgear Extender

  1. Improper Power Supply

The number reason why you are seeing the red light on your range extender is that it is not getting an adequate power supply from the wall socket. The insufficiency of the power supply occurs due to two reasons:

  • Firstly, if the extender is not properly plugged into the wall socket.

  • Secondly, if you’ve connected your Netgear range extender to a non-working socket.

To ensure a proper power supply to your range extender, consider connecting properly to a working wall socket. However, if you are still witnessing your extender flashing the color red, it means some other reason has invited the issue to your table. What’s that reason? The next point will help you know it.

  1. Extender’s Outdated Firmware

Like every networking gadget, a Netgear wireless extender also comes equipped with firmware. For your information, the firmware is nothing but software programmed into your extender that consists of instructions on which your device works. If it becomes outdated, then there is a high possibility that your extender’s LED will illuminate red color. Thus, to get the issue fixed, consider updating your extender’s firmware by accessing the IP address. The instructions mentioned below will help you do the same:

  • Open a web browser on your computer and access the extender’s default IP address.

  • When prompted to login, input the default admin info of your extender and select Log In.

  • The Status page of the extender will appear.

  • Select Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade.

  • Click Check Now.

  • In case a new firmware version is available, walk through the on-screen prompts.

  1. Improper Extender-Router Connection

The red light on your Netgear extender might also be a result of the extender’s improper connection with the host router. Therefore, aim to make the connection stable. Depending upon the source of connection used, consider following the points given below:

  • For Wireless Source: If the connection between your devices is wireless, then shift your attention to making the distance between them accurate. Therefore, keep the value of the distance such that the WiFi signals of your devices neither crash nor struggle to communicate.

  • For Wired Source: If you’ve connected your range extender and the host router using a cable, then make sure you use a damage-free cable only. Additionally, the connection must be strong at the ports.

  1. Restart the Extender

When it comes to creating issues with a networking device, technical glitches play a pivotal role. To your knowledge, they are so powerful that they can paralyze your extender’s ability to work. Thus, consider getting rid of them. The extender can also blink red if a large number of devices are accessing Netgear_ext  In other words, the extender is overworking. To fix all this, restart your range extender. Here’s how:

  • Power down your Netgear range extender and disconnect it from the power socket.

  • Let it stay idle for some time.

  • Connect the extender back to its power socket and switch it on.

  1. Reset the Extender

Lastly, you might experience the red light issue with your range extender if it is configured improperly. Perhaps, you missed an important on-screen prompt while setting it up. Therefore, you need to go through the extender setup procedure again. However, before that, resetting the extender will be a great idea. This way you’ll get a chance to set up your WiFi device from scratch. The instructions to perform a factory default reset of the Netgear extender are given below:

  • Disconnect your range extender from the router.

  • Find and press the Reset button.

  • Wait for a few moments.

  • Your range extender resets.

The Conclusion

After you’re done resetting your device, setup Netgear extender from scratch. The instructions to install the extender are mentioned in the user manual. However, the choice of setting it up via the manual method or the Nighthawk app is all yours.

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