TechnologyResolved] Arlo Camera Not Sending Notifications on Mobile

Resolved] Arlo Camera Not Sending Notifications on Mobile


With Arlo security cameras, you can keep an eye on the happenings in and around your house. But, for this, you need to set it up via the Arlo app. Just do Arlo camera login follow on-screen prompts and you’re all done. But, at times, users complained that their security cameras are not sending notifications on their mobile phones. Are you also facing the same problem with your security device? If yes, then walking through this post will bear some positive outcomes no matter whether you own an Android phone or an iPhone. Keep reading.

Why is Arlo Camera Not Sending Notifications on Mobile?

There can be a lot of reasons why your security camera is not sending you notifications on your mobile phone. Have a look at the following points and learn why you are facing such a problem with your wireless camera:

  1. You are logged out of your Arlo account on the app.

  1. You haven’t enabled push notifications on the Arlo Secure mobile application.

  1. The version of the Arlo application installed on your phone is outdated.

  1. Mute Notification might be set to the ON position.

  1. Power Saving mode is enabled on your wireless camera.

So, these were the reasons why your Arlo camera is not sending notifications on your mobile. Apart from these, if you’ve enabled the Do Not Disturb mode on your mobile device, then also you might not receive a notification of any activity noticed by your security camera. Therefore, disable the same and see if you start receiving the camera notifications. If not, then the hacks mentioned in the next section are all set to be given a shot.

Fixed: Arlo Camera Not Sending Notifications on Mobile

  1. Log in to Your Arlo Camera

As mentioned earlier that the camera won’t send you notifications if you have logged out of the Arlo Secure app, you are required to log in to your device. Here are the instructions that will help you access your camera’s dashboard without facing any Arlo login issue

  • Launch the Arlo Secure app on your mobile phone.

  • Once welcomed by the login screen, insert your account details.

  • Tap Log In.

  1. Enable Push Notifications

You cannot expect your Arlo security wireless camera to send you push notifications if you haven’t enabled them in the first place. Thus, the next hack that needs to be followed to fix the Arlo camera not sending notifications on mobile is to enable push notifications on the app. Here’s how:

  • Log in to the Arlo Secure app on your Android or iOS phone.

  • Tap the Menu icon and select Notifications followed by the Settings option.

  • Select Go to Settings > Notifications.

  • Tap the Show Notifications toggle button to the ON position.

  • Also, enable the Allow Sound and Vibration option.

  1. Update the Arlo App

Many mobile applications when get outdated denies performing well and the Arlo Secure app is one of them. Chances are that the obsolete version of the app is not allowing your mobile phone to show notifications. In that scenario, updating the app will be a great idea. The steps given below will make you learn how to update the Arlo Secure app:

  • Navigate to the app store of your mobile phone [as per its OS].

  • Check if the Arlo app requires an update.

  • If it does, then tap the Download button and let the app get updated.

  • You’ll soon start receiving notifications.

  1. Turn Off Mute Notifications

Consider turning off the Mute Notifications option on the Arlo app. Can you hear the ringtone of your mobile phone if it is operating in Silent mode? Of course, you don’t. In this context, follow the steps outlined below to turn off Mute Notifications:

  • Tap the Settings menu after logging in to the Arlo app.

  • Thereafter, select Mute Notifications and tap Unmute.

  • Enable Push Notifications depending on the modes and rules.

  1. Disable Power Saving Mode

The Power Saving mode on the Arlo camera might get activated if it is running out of battery or you’ve set it to operate in the low power consumption mode. To fix the first, you are required to charge your camera. However, follow the instructions given below if you want to disable the Low power consumption mode on the camera:

  • Tap the Devices option after logging in to your camera via the mobile app.

  • Select the Gear icon succeeded by the Power Management option.

  • Disable the Low Power Mode by toggling the slider.

Summing Up

As you can see, a lot of factors deprive you of seeing the camera notifications on your mobile phone. With the hope of helping you out, this post was penned down. However, if you’re still running out of luck, then access the Arlo login account and see if your camera is armed. If not, then it is where you lagged. So, what are you waiting for? Arm your camera right now!

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