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Linksys Router Not Showing Up on Wireless Networks [Solved]


To access the WiFi network of a Linksys router, one must be able to see it on the available network on the wireless networks list. But, if your Linksys router is not showing up on the list of wireless networks, it can be exasperating. Well, it can happen if your router is operating on the Linksys bridge mode. However, if that is not the case, then your wireless device might have encountered a problem. There is also a possibility that you’ve committed some mistakes while trying to access the router’s network. Whatever it is, trying the hacks listed in this post will help you do away with the issue in a matter of minutes. Continue reading.

Why is Linksys Router Not Showing Up on Wireless Networks?

Fixing the issue will become a lot easy for you if you acquaint yourself with the reasons forcing you to face it. Here are the reasons due to which your wireless router is not appearing on the WiFi list.

  1. You are trying to access the router’s network outside its wireless signal range.

  1. There might be a technical glitch stopping your router from showing up on the WiFi list.

  1. The router is not sharing a stable connection with the modem.

  1. The device you are trying to access the router’s network has been infected.

So, these were the topmost reasons why the user comes across the issue under discussion. Know that this issue can bear harsh outcomes. Thus, before that happens, consider trying your hands on the tips highlighted in the next section. However, before all that, make sure that your Linksys router is powered up and it running on the latest firmware version. In case it is not, consider updating it first. But, when you do so, keep one thing in mind. The firmware file to be uploaded on the router’s portal should belong to the model you own.

[Fix] Linksys Router Not Showing Up on Wireless Networks

  1. Get in the Range of Router

The very thing you can do to resolve the problem you are currently struggling with is to come within the range of the router. Can you access the internet when you are not present in an area that lacks it? Of course not! You will even struggle to access the Linksys router login window in that case. Thus, to patch things up, we recommend you come a little closer to the router. Ensure that you do not get too close. Else, there are chances that you’ll suffer more due to a chaos of signals.

  1. Restart the WiFi Router

Chances are that technical glitches are subduing your Linksys router’s ability to work well due to which you are unable to see it on the network list. Thus, the time has come that you take refuge in the timeless IT hack that says “when it doesn’t work, try turning it off and on”. Yes, we are suggesting you restart the router. For this, power it down and unplug it. Keep it unplugged for a few moments. Once you feel that technical glitches have bid adieu, then re-connect the router to its respective wall socket and power it up again. If you are still getting the Linksys router not showing up on wireless networks list, then the next hack might be helpful for you.

  1. Stabilize the Router-Modem Connection

Consider making the router-modem connection steady. Perhaps, its weakness is not allowing the router’s network name to appear on the WiFi list. Know that you can stabilize the modem-router connection depending on the source holding them together. If you’ve connected them with the aid of a wireless medium, then we advise you to maintain a decent distance between them. It means the value up to which the signal propagation takes place without any hassle. However, you must be using a non-damaged Ethernet cable if the source of connection is wired.

  1. Remove Infected Files

We do not need to mention what a virus is capable of doing. Keeping that in mind, consider running a virus scan on your device [whichever you are using to access the Linksys router’s network]. It can be done with the help of antivirus software. In case the device is found infected, then you ought to delete the infected files as soon as possible. To be on the safer side, consider disabling the Bluetooth of your device [if not in use]. It can be a gateway for a Bluejacking attack. Now, see if you can see the router’s network name on the wireless network list.

With this last Linksys router troubleshooting technique, we are putting a full stop to the article demystifying the hacks to fix the Linksys router not showing up on wireless networks list issue. We anticipate that you are now able to see the WiFi name of your router and are having a smooth internet experience with it.

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