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A Guide To Use The Best Hair Lace Front Wigs In 2023


Hair Lace Front Wigs are a dynamic range of wigs that allows the wearer to alter their hairstyles just like real hair. The best hair lace front wigs are very versatile and can be used on different styles, hair colors, or skin tones. There are multiple lace front toppers to match your requirements. Curly lace front, hair lace front wigs, short and bobbed lace front wigs. The market for best hair lace front wigs is packed with many ready-to-wear and styled wigs. 

The Virgin Hair Fantasy is one of the leading platforms for buying the best hair lace front wig. They are protagonists in the wig business, with the collection of wigs catering to every individual’s needs. No matter what the reason or occasion is, they have the best-styled and unstyled wigs in different styles and colors. By applying The Virgin Hair Fantasy Coupon Code, you can get the best deals on all your purchases.  

Keep scrolling and get to know more about the best hair lace front wigs:

What Is A Hair Lace Front Wig?

Hair Lace Front Wig generally refers to a wig construction technique that uses sheer lace attachments at the front of the wig. To these lace attachments, human hair or synthetic hair has been hand tied. The popularity of these wigs is attributed to the striking similarity with naturally grown hair. After wearing a lace front hair wig, nobody can tell the difference between natural hairs and wigs. 

What Is The Advantage Of Adding Lace To The Wig?

Laces are very thin, thus creating very little or no space between the wig and the skin. This trait of the lace allows the falling of the wig right over the forehead. One of the best ways of using the hair lace front wig is that they are breathable. These versatile wigs give the window for the user to style them in multiple ways while retaining the natural hairline.  

Construction Of Hair Lace Front Wigs

 Full lace wigs have a full lace cap with lace around the circumference of the head, plus they are 100% hand-tied. The fragile and sheer nature of lace has a high chance of tearing apart. However, hair lace front wigs combine the benefits of laces in the visible portion of wigs. Further, these kinds of construction require less material and have fewer chances of getting damaged. Thus hair lace front wigs are very desirable, as they give a natural look and are extremely durable. 

How Long Will The Best Hair Lace Front Wig Last?

Best Hair Lace Front Wigs

The criterion of the resilience of the wig depends on the hair and maintenance of the wig. Hair lace front wigs with synthetic hairs can last up to one year. Alternatively, the lace front wigs last up to three years under proper care.

Methods Of Putting Hair Lace Front Wigs

Best Hair Lace Front Wigs

The biggest insecurity of wig users is that people will notice the wearing of the wig. Many people develop fear merely by the thought of wearing a wig. Hundreds of questions revolve around the head concerning the wearing of wigs. Is it ready to wear? Will it be adjustable on my head? How will you prevent them from slipping? 

Drop all your fear and read the step-by-step instructions regarding the proper usage of the wig. Trust us, as you will look fantastic with a wig without getting noticed by others. But follow all the instructions for proper securing of the wig on your head:

  1. Perform A Skin Test

With skin tests, you will become aware of the fact whether your skin is allergic to the adhesive used in the wig or not. You can start this test by applying a small amount of adhesive to the sensitive area of your skin. Either inside your elbow or behind your ears, leave it there for about 15 minutes and then remove it. In case you notice any kind of redness, then discard the adhesive and choose a different brand. But if there is no irritation, then proceed with the hair lace front wig.

  1. Start The Process By Flattening Your Hair 

The first step in the process of putting on a wig is to prepare your hair. Consider following these steps as per your requirements:

  • If you have no or little hair, then you will need a wig liner that will help you properly secure your wig.
  • In case you have short hair, then brush them back, away from your face. 
  • For people who have long hair, then with the help of pins, make flat pin curls from sections of your hair. Try to keep them evenly distributed over your head to avoid bumps and bulges. 

3. Prepare You Skin For Wearing a Wig

Clean your forehead thoroughly, mainly focusing attention on the hairline with a mild cleanser. Dry the wet area. Then with the help of a small amount of alcohol on a cotton pad, wipe along the hairline to remove excess oil. For sensitive skin, apply a scalp-protecting serum to the area after the rubbing of alcohol. Allow both the serum and alcohol to dry up before continuing further. 

4. Adjust Your wig

For proper fitting of the wig, hold the wig closer to the label, tilt your head slightly forward and then place your wig on your forehead. In a front-to-back motion, slip the wig on your head, similar to a bathing cap. Tilt your head upright and push the front of the wig back till it aligns with your natural hairline. Properly tuck in your hair. But if you feel pressure on your scalp or your wig is loose, then make sure you use Velcro straps. These straps will help you to loosen or tighten your wig as needed. 

5. Use Wig Tape Or Glue

Basically, there are two types of adhesives for securing a lace front wig to your head: tape and glue. You can use any of them as per your needs.

  • Either put a double stick tape on the forehead starting from mid-forehead and work out. Place the stripes side by side to cover most of your hairlines. 
  • Or apply glue along your hairline, making sure it’s evenly spread, then leave them to dry for three minutes. 

Wrapping Up With The Hair Lace Front Wig

Hair wigs are generally worn to cover hair loss, baldness, alopecia, and poor hairline. The best hair lace front wig is the best companion for people who are dealing with any kind of hair condition. In this article, we have elaborated in detail on the best hair lace front wig. So choose your pick accordingly and look best in these wigs.

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