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5 Ways to Fix Nighthawk Router RAXE 500 Disconnecting Issue


One of the latest queries of Netgear router users is RAXE 500 disconnecting. Did you purchase a Netgear RAXE 500, set it up via https //, and are experiencing the same issue with it? Nodding your head in yes? Well, in that case, you ought to walk through the troubleshooting hacks discussed in this post. Before you can even blink an eye, the Netgear Nighthawk RAXE 500 disconnecting issue would have left you for good.

But, before we teach you how to troubleshoot this issue, let us shed light on the factors that might have contributed to it. That way you will be able to resolve the issue efficiently.

[Reasons] Netgear Router RAXE 500 Disconnecting Issue

Here are the reasons why you became a victim of the Netgear RAXE 500 disconnecting issue:

  • The Ethernet cable connecting the RAXE 500 router and the modem is damaged.

  • There is too much distance between the Netgear networking devices.

  • You have not updated the firmware of your Netgear RAXE 500 device.

  • Signals of your router or modem are getting blocked.

  • RAXE 500 router is not getting an uninterrupted power supply from its socket.

Now, follow the troubleshooting hacks mentioned in this post and learn how to resolve the Netgear RAXE 500 disconnecting issue within minutes.

[Fixed] Netgear Router RAXE 500 Disconnecting Issue

  1. Use Another Electrical Socket

First of all, check whether your Netgear RAXE 500 router is getting an adequate power supply from its wall socket. In case it is not, then the culprit is a damaged wall socket. To resolve the issue, you ought to either repair the wall socket currently in use or plug your wireless router into another one. In case, this does not work for you, follow the next hack.

  1. Relocate the Netgear RAXE 500

Perhaps, you have placed your Netgear RAXE 500 wireless router in a place that is filled with cordless phones, mirrors, fish tanks, microwave ovens, treadmills, televisions, washing machines, aluminum studs, refrigerators, baby monitors, and Bluetooth speakers due to which the signals of your networking device are getting interrupted.

To troubleshoot the issue, the solution here is pretty simple. It requires you to relocate your networking device. While doing so, all the aforementioned things should be kept away from your networking device. Along with that, concrete walls can block the signals of your RAXE 500 router. Thus, keep the router away from such walls as well.

  1. Update the Router Firmware

Another effort that you can make from your end to resolve the issue at hand is to update the firmware of your Netgear RAXE 500 router to its latest version. You can do so by referring to the guidelines given in the user manual that you got along with your networking device at the time of purchase.

For your information, if you also own a Netgear AC1750 router and would like to update its firmware as well, know that it came along with the Netgear AC1750 Setup as well. You can pay attention to the guidelines given there. You will find both the methods of updating the firmware, the manual method, and the Nighthawk app.

  1. Move the Devices Closer

If you are experiencing the Netgear RAXE 500 router issue, then it might be because there is a lot of distance between the networking devices. To take care of the problem, you need to reduce the distance separating your router and the existing modem. You can do so by unplugging one of your devices and plugging it near the other one.

Just make sure that there is not too less between them either. Otherwise, it can prove to be fatal as the signals emitted by your Netgear router will clash. If that happens, then trust us, you can forget about troubleshooting the Netgear RAXE 500 disconnecting issue. Instead, you will end up inviting more issues to the table.

  1. Replace the Ethernet Cable

If none of the aforementioned troubleshooting hacks help you to resolve the Netgear RAXE 500 disconnecting issue, then you ought to replace the damaged Ethernet cable connecting your devices with a non-damaged one. Once done, check if the issue at hand has finally been fixed or not. Are you still experiencing it?

Final Note

After following the troubleshooting hacks covered in this post, you will be able to resolve the Netgear RAXE 500 disconnecting issue. If you successfully do, then feel free to share your feedback with your fellow readers. You can do the honors by making use of the comment section. Surely they will appreciate the effort.

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